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120dB Door Stop Alarm

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Keep Your Valuables Safe With This Door Stop Alarm!

This is a stainless steel cover Door Stop Alarm. Just put the alarm under the door and turn on the switch. If anyone tries to open the door, this alarm will sound to wake and alert you immediately.

There are 3 sensitivity levels and extra-loud alarm you can choose. the maximum loudness can be up to 120dB. It is the high damping rubber at the bottom which can prevent the door sliding when any intruders attempt to enter.


Incredibly Compact – This Door Stop Alarm is the perfect size for your suitcase or bug out bag. It’s fits in the palm of your hand, making it the ideal travel door stop.

Top-Notch Security – The 120 dB alarm will signal you as soon as they start to enter, and the door stop’s adjustable motion sensor loudly alerts you if a robber is tampering with it. Plus, the alarm has an on/off switch, so it won’t go off in your luggage or bug out bag.

Easy to Use – Simply push the door wedge underneath any door you want to be protected from opening. Then, turn the switch to “on” – and come running when an intruder tries to get in without you knowing!

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