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Prevents Intruding Sticky Window Anti-Insects-Mosquito Screen Repairer Repair Tape Kit

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Fix damaged window screens like a breeze!
Our Anti-Insect Screen Repair Tape provides a strong, long-lasting, and weather-proof solution to repair holes and tears in window, tent, and pool screens in seconds.
Anti-Insect Screen Repair Tape
Constructed by ultra light, heavy-duty fiberglass material with strong self-adhesive design, simply trim and paste the tape on your damaged screen to solve the problem instantly.
Anti-Insect Screen Repair Tape
Stop wasting time and money on replacing your damaged window and door screens, mend them our repair tape, which is applicable on all screen materials.
Anti-Insect Screen Repair Tape
  • 5 Seconds Repair:
    No fuss, no mess! Simply trim and place it to the tears and holes on damaged screen to get highest-quality screen repair.Anti-Insect Screen Repair Tape
  • Ultra-Strong Adhesion:
    Crafted with ultra-light, super durable fiberglass with self-adhesive design, which giving your door screen a strong, long-lasting, and weather-proof repair.Anti-Insect Screen Repair Tape
  • Easy to Use:
    To mend simply remove the paper backing and cut the tape to the desired size, leaving an extra half-inch around the damaged area. Holding the adhesive side of the tape against the tear, your screen will have a strong and long-lastingAnti-Insect Screen Repair Tape repair.
  • Wide Application:
    Perfectly mend with all screen materials, including window screens, door screens, patio nets, tent nets, pool screens, RV screens, camping tarps, and more.Anti-Insect Screen Repair Tape
  • Temperature Resistant:
    Able to withstand high & low Temperature from -4℉ ~ 140℉. For perfect temperature resistance, please apply the tape at temperatures above 50ºF.
  • Money Saver:
    Stop wasting time and money on replacing your damaged window and door screens. Problems solved instantly.Anti-Insect Screen Repair Tape
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