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Arch Support Foot Insoles

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No more back pain, aching knees and sore feet 

Our FeetFix ™ is easy to use, you just have to put it in your shoes and the results are instant. It will provide you with great arch support and eliminate the back pain caused by Flat Feet.

What is ”Flat Feet”?

Flat feet is a condition in which the soles of the feet have little to no arch. Flat feet tend to cause another condition called overpronation, which is when the ankles roll inward while you're walking. This can lead to foot and ankle pain.

How It Works 

 FeetFix provides gentle yet firm arch support for those who suffer from flat feet or plantar fascia pain, and also has a cushioning heel pad that provides relief from the impact caused by waking and running, as well as the stress of standing for extended periods.



Relief Your Feet & Back Pain

Feel Like Walking On Clouds

The Shock Absorption technology will work just like a Suspension System for your feet, preventing your knees and spine from receiving the shocks that can cause chronic problems.

Main Features


Size for All Kind of Shoes

The insoles can be trimmed to fit all kinds of shoes, regardless of size or width

It Can Be Trimmed 


High Quality

Easy Returns

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