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Automatic Ultrasonic Vegetable Fruit Cleaner Pesticide Purifier

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Want To Feel Certain That The Produce You Eat Is Free From Pesticides & Other Nasties?


There are more than 1,000 pesticides that are used on food worldwide. Pesticides are potentially toxic to humans and may cause adverse health effects such as cancer, reproductive problems, and harm to the immune system and nervous system.
The Repiit Produce Purifier removes up to 99% of pesticides & bacteria. Feel & taste the difference or your money back guaranteed!


With only tap water and a little table salt, the Repiit Produce Purifier generates an active solution that effectively eliminates pesticides and bacteria in an environmentally-friendly way, avoiding the need for irritating or dangerous chemicals.

With natural ingredients, the Repiit Produce Purifier removes contaminants from your produce, greatly reducing the amount of harmful chemicals that you are ingesting.

Benefits Of The Fruit Vegetable Produce Purifier:

✅ Naturally eliminate up to 99% of pesticides & bacteria.
✅ Clean your produce using absolutely NO harsh chemicals.
✅ Enhance the taste of your fruits & veggies.
✅ Reduce oxidative stress on your body.
✅ Sleep, feel and live better and healthy!
✅ Provide the benefits of expensive permaculture grown produce without the cost.


Why Not Just  Buy Organic?

We used to believe that organic foods were free of pesticides and that organic pesticides were healthier for us and the environment than synthetic pesticides. This, however, is not true. Many natural pesticides have also been discovered to pose health risks.


Pesticides & Children

Pesticide metabolites have consistently been found in children's urine, with children who eat conventional diets showing significantly higher levels of pesticides in their urine than children who eat organic. Pesticides have also been found in human breast milk samples and there are concerns about prenatal exposure.


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