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Chatelle Sevich Color Burst Semi-Permanent Hair Wax

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The Ingredients contain plant extracts, no scalp irritation, no harm to your health.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Easy styling, easy coloring
  • Easy cleaning

It is super easy to use. One of the best things about hair color wax is it’s uber easy to apply. First, it’s best to put it on freshly-washed conditioned damp hair. Just take some of the wax (which feels more like a cream than a wax, by the way) and evenly distribute it throughout your hair, wherever you want the hair color to go. Then, if you want more intensity, let the first “layer” of color dry for 15-20 minutes before adding another. For the record, most brands easily rub off during the application process, but if you want to be extra safe, put on some rubber gloves before applying. 


Hair coloring can be a frustrating experience with all the steps, chemicals and time that it takes is not worth the final results, especially when you're not happy with the end result. The Hair Color Wax Mofajang Temporary Dye allows you to place color in your hair using a wax that is applied in seconds and the mofajang hair color washes out with shampoo, if you are not happy with the color, if you feel that the color doesn't suit you or it's time to come back natural.

Hair Color Wax Mofajang Temporary Dye

The Hair Color Wax Mofajang Temporary Dye is a great way to test a hair color before you go to the hair salon and get a bleach or dye in that is more permanent and more expensive compared to the hair color wax. We have all had those experiences where we pay a fortune to the hair dresser and are not 100% satisfied with the outcome. Well with the Mofajang hair color wax we can test it out before we commit. 

The new Mofajang hair color is the easiest way to add texture and shine to your hair with any hair type being able to be achieve the hair color wax result.


  • TEMPORARY: The Mofajang dair dye wax provides you a chance to see how the color looks before a more permanent solution to hair coloring. Simply wash out the Mofajang hair wax with water and shampoo when it's time to change colors or go back to natural hair color
  • COLORS: With 8 different colors to pick from, the temporary hair color wax you'll enjoy looking different every day of the week
  • NOT JUST HAIR COLOR: Not only a hair color wax, but a special formula to help style, add texture and shine to your natural hair


  • Step 1: Wash your hair and dry it to 80%
  • Step 2:Place a finger full of hair wax on the palm and spread a bit;
  • Step 3:Use that on one section of the hair which needs coloring;
  • Step 4:Plan the section of hair with white highlights or apply the wax on the entire head;
  • Step 5:Wash easily once used



  • Dark hair is not easy to color, it needs more.
  • Starts fairly wet and goes matte and sets quick.
  • It is a styling product, so the hair will harden.
  • When intense sweating occurs, it can cause color loss.

Target Audience

  • For boys’ shot hair, one box can use 3 times normally;
  • For girls’ shot hair, one box can use 2 times normally;
  • For girls’ mid-length hair, one box can use only 1 times;
  • For long hair, please buy at least 2 boxes for one time using.


Temporary Hair Color Wax

Perfect for Daily Usage, Parties, Festivals, Night Club, Raves, Halloween, Fancy dress

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