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Eyebrow Soap Kit

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Always wanted perfectly neat eyebrows?

Our natural Finebrow™ Eyebrow Soap features natural ingredients allowing you to instantly add thickness, volume, texture and style. The difference between good-looking brows and perfectly styled brows is just one Finebrow™ Eyebrow Soap brush away.


 Bushy Brows | The Original Brow Styling Soap – Rubyrin

Our Quick Eyebrow Styling Soap Kit is created to style brushed up eyebrows by adding thickness, volume and texture to your brows. Developed to create a perfectly groomed brow, use before eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to help make eyebrow makeup last longer.

Not only does it boost up your brows, but also nourishing and conditioning your brows to promote healthy hair growth. It will make your original eyebrows look more luscious and bushy without any irritation or redness on your delicate skin!

With the colorless, odorless design, it is different from ordinary soap while avoiding any skin irritation or leaving excess residue on the eyebrows. It also nourishes and conditioners your brows to stimulate hair growth and improvement in just 2-4 weeks!

Simply glide the spoolie on the brow soap and stroke it on your chop or spares brows upwardly for easy application.



    Used to tame unruly brows and boost brow color. Give you big and beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes naturally while making your face more stereo.

Unisex Brow Styling Soap | Brow pen, Brow gel, Tinted brow gel

Brushed through the natural eyebrow to add thickness, volume & texture. Also nourishes and conditions the brows therefore promoting healthy hair growth. 
This product can be used before using eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to help make eyebrow makeup last longer. Whether you have sparse brows that need a helping hand or you are rocking that bushy look, you can get fluffy brows.

    Our soap can form a transparent film on the eyebrows and has a longer lifespan than a gel that does not retain and leaves a flaky residue.


    Our formula is paraben & cruelty free; With natural oils & vitamins, it moisturizes brows.

    Hypoallergenic, avoids any skin irritation. Designed to stay on the skin (rather than washed off), it does not contain fragrance, coloring or foaming agents, so 


  1.   Spray/Wet the brush head with Water
  2.   Gradually rub the brush into the brow soap
  3.   Brush your brows upwards or any direction that you want to style your eyebrows
  4.   Repeat the process to add more define and fullness to your eyebrows


Key Benefits

  •  STYLED EYEBROWS – Perfect for styling your eyebrows quickly and give you beautiful eyebrows naturally. It will give you an immediate clear and clean look, your eyebrows won’t be messy anymore.
  •  SAFE FOR ALL BROWS – The all-natural and organic formula is designed specifically for eyebrows. It’s free from fragrance, color, foaming agents, it won’t cause any irritation or leave unwanted residue
  •  HOW TO USE - Wet your brush with water and rub it over the soap. Brush gently through your brows upwards until your brows are fluffy and styled. Pencil or other brow products may be applied before the soap.
Why choose FineBrow™ Eyebrow Trimmer?

Made for those who are tired with messy eyebrows.

Made for those who want fluffy and styled eyebrows.

What's included?

1 x Finebrow™ Eyebrow Soap

1 x Eyebrow Brush

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