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Invisible Bra Women Breast Lift Nipple Cover Tape

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Give your breasts the perfect lift, shape, and support, just like any other regular bra! Need to wear a swimsuit or party wear but don't have a suitable bra? Get this Reusable Lift Up Invisible Lifting Bra that adheres comfortably on your breasts to give them instant lift and firms their shapes. It’s perfect for the cleavage, halter necks, and low back dresses.


This pair of adhesive bra will reduce pulling and slipping on the straps with a regular bra and also provides a simple solution to back bulge. These adhesive tapes with professional fitting offer ultimate support to lift up your breasts and to create natural cleavage.


  • INVISIBLE UNDER CLOTHING - The light color is invisible under every clothing type and can be worn underneath various tops that hid well. The well-hidden feature allows you to wear various outfits even V-neck collar tops.
  • DANCE-PROOF AND WATERPROOF - Safe to wear during swimming or even when you sweat.
  • STICK-ON WELL AND EASY TO REMOVE - They stick to your boobs well without falling off yet are easy to remove and come with a non-sticky nipple protection zone.
  • CUT-TO-FIT - You can cut it to fit your low cut tops or dresses without losing its stickiness.
  • LATEX-FREE AND ALLERGY FRIENDLY - Made of medical-grade material that is skin-friendly and breathable.
  • LIFT AND SUPPORT - Lifts up your boobs and create natural cleavage no matter the boob size.
How to use:
1. Wash your hands and chest skin before use, and let the skin dry before using it.
2. Do not apply moisturizers and other skin care products on the chest before use, so as not to reduce the stickiness of the chest patch and affect the firmness of the patch.
3. Gently peel the white release paper covering the back of the product along the opening.
4. Before standing in front of the mirror, align the dust film in the middle of the back of the nipple with the RT position, and lightly wipe the cloth against the skin, then gently massage the chest to make the nipple and skin intact. You have to fix it together, you can repeat this for another nipple.
5. When tearing off, please hold the chest with one hand and gently peel off the edge of the nipple with the other hand until it is completely torn off. Exercise should be gentle, tearing can cause skin injury.
6. After use, please discard your nipples in the trash. This is a one-time use of chest products.
Package includes: 1 roll of invisible chest sticker

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