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Knee Pain Relief Patch

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Does your arthritis stop you from doing the activities you love? Is your gout causing pain and swelling in your knees? Do you want relief from pain, without spending all day in bed and comfortably carry on with your daily routine?

That’s where Knee Relief Patch comes in. Our eco-friendly patch targets cells in your knee that causes inflammation and pain. The patch heats up to a temperature that relaxes and stimulates the knee joint. By penetrating deeply into the muscle where it hurts, the self-heating patch will loosen and relax your muscles.

Our patches have been designed to be carried on the go, ready to use at any given moment for a quick relief to keep you going. Just place the patch on your knee and Voila! no more stops while taking a walk or pauses while exercising. 


✔ Reliefs Pain From Any Affected Area Of The Knee

✔ Reduces Inflammation

✔ Promotes Blood Circulation

✔ Decreases Stiffness & Muscle Imbalance

✔ Promotes Flexibility In Your Joints

✔ Self Heating Patches

✔ Multiple Area Uses

✔ Natural Herbal Ingredients 

✔ Eco-Friendly & Easy To Use

✔ No Pain & Comfortable To Wear

✔ 25,000+ Happy Australian Customers



Our knee relief patches will not only alleviate knee pain by relieving the many symptoms associated with knee problems, but will also aid in increasing flexibility and reducing stiffness.

Knee Relief Patch uses pure, natural & herbal ingredients like ginger, notoginseng, scorpio, centipede, saffron crocus, the root of fangfeng, caulis impatientis, pepper, radix aconiti preparata, etc.

Just apply our patches to the affected area and watch as your knee pains disappear. Our patches can last between 8-12 hours ensuring that you are comfortable with any other task you are doing, whether you are working, exercising, playing, walking the dog or simply wanting to relax at home.

By applying our self heating patch, you are on your way to a speedy recovery from day one.

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