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Mini Colored DigitDots 216 Pieces Magnetic Balls

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  • FIDGETS FOR YOUR DIGITS! - The Original DigitDotsTM! Don’t be fooled by imitations! DigitDots fidget magnets are made of powerful, high-quality magnets. Package Contains 512 3mm Nickel Magnets plus, Carrying Case, Cutter Card, and Design Instruction Guide.
  • LET YOUR CREATIVITY RUN WILD! - DigitDots Multi-Colored 3mm magnet balls attach tightly together, allowing you to create limitless designs. DigitDots stimulate creative thinking, engaging both the right and left side of your brain. Use problem solving skills to copy designs, or use your creativity to create your own designs. With multiple DigitDots kits, build large sculptures…The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination!
  • STRESS-RELIEVING ADULT FUN! – DigitDots Multi-Colored Toy Magnets help alleviate stress and anxiety. DigitDots are also an excellent sensory tool to improve concentration, focus, attention, and active listening. DigitDots create a sense of calmness, while promoting problem solving and creative thinking skills.
  • NOVELTY GIFT – Multi-Colored DigitDots are cool fidget toys and office toys for any adult! DigitDots make great executive toys for a boss or co-worker to help them relieve anxiety, relax, and focus during stressful meetings or phone calls. Buy DigitDots for family or friends. DigitDots are great Magnetic Games. Create Fidget Game competitions to see who can create the most unique and creative design.
  • TAKE DIGITDOTS ANYWHERE! – Multi-Colored DigitDots are extremely portable. Carry them anywhere! The included carrying case makes it easy to take them with you on the go. Perfect to use during your downtime, while on a break, or phone call, during your commute, while traveling, or during class. The possibilities are limitless with DigitDots!

Build a large variety of shapes and figures with this Highly Creative Magnetic Toy!

You will never feel bored since you are able to create everything. It’s amazing to surprise you with your own imagination. Using simple patterns, you can get cool and amazing structures with Buckyballs, from the pyramid, sphere, tube to the more difficult shapes.

DigitDots Metallic Multi-Colored Magnetic Balls

Use DigitDots Magnetic Balls when you need to massage your mind, practice your patience, relieve some boredom or alleviate some stress

Keeping your mind and hands preoccupied using Magnetic Balls is a great way to relax and improve your hand-eye coordination at the same time. This brain-training toy can give your brain a full workout and stimulate imagination and creativity, improve focus and concentration skills3-D thinking ability (space imagination ability) and small motor muscles (finger dexterity) at the same time.

DigitDots Metallic Multi-Colored Magnetic Balls

DigitDots Magnetic Balls are the perfect gift for your friends & family

Impress your friends and family with your cool skills and imagination by designing all sorts of shapes, models, and jewelry.

DigitDots Metallic Multi-Colored Magnetic Balls Multi-Colored Magnetic Balls can handle the load

Feel free to use a few of the Multi-Colored Magnets in your Buckyballs cube to hold some papers to a filing cabinet or stick a photo on the fridge.

DigitDots Metallic Multi-Colored Magnetic Balls

With DigitDots Magnetic balls, you get to experience the magic of magnetism first hand

The Magnetic Balls pull and push on each other as if guiding your hand in creating concentric patterns that build up to complex shapes and fractals, that seem man-made and natural all at once.

DigitDots Metallic Multi-Colored Magnetic Balls

DigitDots Metallic Multi-Colored Magnetic Balls

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