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Natural Horse Oil Foot Repair Cream

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Achieve a smooth and flawless foot with this Horse Oil Foot Repair Cream!

Features effective properties that help to repair the skin while speeding up the healing process and eliminating bacteria that cause foot odor.

Repairs damaged layer of skin
Features healing ingredient that moisturizes and repairs the damaged layer of the skin.

Suitable for Various Feet Issues
It softens and smoothens thick, callused, scaling skin, resulting a lighter, shiny, and flawless feet.

Gentle & Effective
This Natural Horse Oil Foot Repair Cream is gentle and provides faster cell renewal on any skin types

Odor-Free with Anti-Bacterial Properties
Deodorizes your feet while providing Anti-Bacterial properties making your feet free from bacteria-causing fungus.

100% Natural & Safe
Formulated with Horse Oil, Glycerin, Bisabolol, & Tocopherol that is proven to be safe and hypoallergenic.

Targets Acupuncture Points
It provides whole-body relief by targeting critical acupuncture points.


1. Soak the target area in warm water for half an hour. Wash and dry.
2. Apply the product evenly.
3. Massage by focusing on the target area, until it is fully absorbed.
4. Use to twice a day (in severe cases, increase the number of use if needed).



 Horse Oil, Glycerin, Bisabolol, & Tocopherol.
Net Weight: 30 (g/ml)
Product Includes: 1 x Natural Horse Oil Foot Repair Cream

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