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New Remote Control Wireless RC Airplane Toy

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A remote control wireless airplane toy is a type of toy aircraft that can be controlled wirelessly using a remote control device. The remote control sends signals to the airplane toy to control its movements, such as flying up, down, left, and right. The toy may also have other features such as lights, sound effects, and the ability to perform stunts.

The airplane toy typically has a small electric motor and a rechargeable battery that powers the propeller. The remote control device usually uses radio frequencies to communicate with the airplane toy and may have a range of several hundred feet.

Remote control wireless airplane toys come in various sizes and designs, from small and simple models suitable for indoor use, to larger and more complex models designed for outdoor use. They are popular among children and adults who enjoy flying and controlling model airplanes. However, it's important to note that some models may require some level of experience or skill to operate safely, and it's important to follow manufacturer guidelines and safety precautions when using them.

  • -It is made of premium durable EPP and ABS which makes it light and durable.¬†
  • -With high torque and powerful motors, it would bring you a wonderful experience.
  • -A¬†USB charger¬†is provided which makes mobile charging become a reality.¬†
  • -High remote control distance which is up to 120 meters.¬†¬†
  • -A Gyroscope is applied which makes the airplane fly steadily and is friendly to beginners.¬†
  • -2.4GHz 2CH aircraft, including 4 directional flyings, ascending, descending, turning left, and turning right.

  • Package size: 10.24*14.17*3.15in package include:1*RC Plane;1*batteries;1*remote controller;1*USB charger;1*Propeller & Landing gear.


Airplane Size
  • 250mm*350*80mm
Airplane Weight
  • 240g
Package dimensions
  • 360*280*80mm
  • Red/Blue/Yellow
Package Weight
  • 342g
  • 3.7V150mAh lipo 20c



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