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Ear Cleaner With camera With The Same tool doctors use

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1. With the 3 in 1 usb design, this otoscope is compatible Android 4.2+ device, Windows 7/8/10 computer and Mac OS computer, which enables you to see the situation in your ear and clearly display on your smartphone phone, tablet or computer. (Note: Your android device needs to support OTG function, and this camera isna??t compatible with iPhone iOS user.)
2. This tiny otosocpe is a magical scope camera tool for ear inspection, which makes it possible to know the health status of your ears by capturing and viewing undistorted image or video at a close range. Then, your ear wax or ear mite can be cleaned more completely and safely under this guidance, saving much time & lots of checking fees in visiting doctor.
3. Compared with other similar product, this usb ear endoscope camera is featured with no heating chip, which means the camera head will never get too hot while operation. Hence, the ears will be refrained the possibility from the scald.
4. The 5.5mm diameter otoscope camera head is featured with a sharpeer camera sensor and 6 adjustable led lights, providing a clearer image and more outstanding color reproduction no matter how dark the ear is.

What is Endoscope Ear Pick?

Ears are sensitive organs and having an itching feeling, pressure because of on earwax build-up or hearing difficulties can be a real burden. If you, or your family members, often experience problems like that, Endoscope Ear Pick might be your solution. It is an effective, simple to use tool to have a look inside your ear and determine what the root of your problem is.

This tool is basically a digital camera inspection tool, that you connect to your smartphone, your tablet or your computer, which enables you to have a clear video feed of what exactly is going on inside your ear canal. Once you have realized what the problem is, you can then take steps in order to remedy the situation.


How Does TheĀ Endoscope Ear PickĀ Work?

The small digital camera, that you insert into your ear, is equipped with a 1.5 m cable with a USB connection plug, which you connect to your device to transmit the video feed. The camera itself is surrounded by 6 blue LED lights, that ensure the endoscope has a strong light source and the picture is bright and crisp. There is a switch attached to the cable to adjust the brightness of the LEDs. The Endoscope is waterproof rated IP67, to make sure it is protected from the wet environment and the camera chip does not heat up during operation, so it proposes no burn risk to your ear.

The focal point of the camera is fixed at around 1 inch from the lens (roughly 2.5 cm). Inside the package 4 different size adapters are included to ensure the appropriate distance for an optimal image. You just have to try them out and you will find the one that fits perfectly. The adapters, that you attach to the end of the camera, also prevent the camera of getting in direct contact with the earwax and smudging the lens.

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