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Stackable Plant Support

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  • 🌴Training Plants to Grow Upwards - Coco coir pole can provide sturdy vertical plant support to climbing potted plant indoor. Moss totem pole stake help creeping plants with aerial roots grow vigorously in the direction of light as they do in nature. Such as, philodendron, pothos, money plant, monstera variegated plant, vine plants.
  • 🌴Premium Coco Material - Moss stick is made of natural coir moss fiber from the husk of coconut, which completely safe for the plants and environment, helps plants maintain the water and nutrition for growing better.
  • 🌴Extendable Design - The sharpened wooden stick at the bottom can be easily inserted into the soil. The inner core of the moss pole is a PVC pipe instead of metal, which will not rust. And the extendable design enables to use more poles in order to increase the original pole’s height to a total of 48 inch.
  • 🌴Coir Totem Pole Supplies - Moss poles for climbing plants 4 PCS 15.7 inch individual, and 65 ft garden twist ties, 10 plant labels. All of them in a box. The ties and labels are used to fix plants to the pole according to your needs.
  • 🌴Easy Installation - Insert wood stake into soil close to the plant’s stem, secure climbing plant to stick using twist ties, use more moss poles to extend the original pole’s height if required.
Specifications: Material: Coconut fiber, PVC
Color: Brown
Size: (Approx) (L)

Package Included:
2 PCs x Coir Moss Stick


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