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Stretch Marks, Acne, Surgery, Scar Remover Gel

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  • [MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE] - Our scar gel contains silicone, a pharmacist recommended scar therapy ingredient. You can now effectively soften and flatten surgical scars including c-section, cosmetic procedures, traumas as well as burns and injuries.
  • [IMPROVES APPEARANCE OF SCARS] - Scars can make one feel self-conscious and embarrassed. With this powerful formula, you can finally have your scarred skin return to normal and regain your confidence.
  • [FOR OLD & NEW SCARS] - This silicone scar gel formula works powerfully to penetrate deeply into the skin and restore your skin for both old and new scars. In just 8 weeks you can see your skin restored from new scars, while old scars take 3-6 months.

[NATURAL & GENTLE] - Use this for all skin types, even if you have sensitive skin. Features

1. Scar Removal For All Marks - Made with retinol and

allantoin, our formula helps promote skin health, firmess, and

elasticity to reduce the appearance of all types of scars including

surgical, burn, hypertrophic, keloids, and acne scars. Make your skin

look smooth and even, your beauty lies within the skin.

2. Scar

Gel Improves Skin - Scar Gel significantly minimizes the texture and

tone of scars, making skin smooth and soft. No need for invasive

surgical scar removal procedures. Just rub it into the scar twice per

day until smooth-looking skin is achieved.

3. Medical Ingredients -

Our scar gel is proven to help flat and smooth scar texture in all skin

types. Made from medical-grade ingredients like Retinol, Allantoin, and

Vitamin E to help nourish and moisturize the skin.


Size: 3.6*13.5cm.

Package included:

1 box of 50ml.

  • The formula was created with natural ingredients so it is gentle on the skin and does not burn or sting.
  • [SOFTEN OLD AND NEW SCARS] - Scars may feel softer in just a few days, with visible results in just weeks. Optimal results are expected in about 12 weeks.

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