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The Reusable Ranch Fly Trap

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Reusable Fly Trap ( free shipping + 40% Off )

Flies. Irritating, itchy, and inevitable.

They are a shared, mutual issue that all animal owners have to put up with every year.

We ask you again, are you prepared?

We created This Fly Trap with animals in mind.

Us humans have to suffer from flies but nowhere near the extremities, your animals have to once the fly season is in full swing.

Our Fly Trap works in any area there are flies and will work to keep flies off your animal no matter the species.

(Horse, cow, duck, chicken, sheep, dogs, wolves, pigs, the list is endless).


Flies can and will bother you, your children, horses, pets & other livestock & they carry diseases that no one would want to contract.

Take care of those horrible flies by baiting them to an area away from your family & then trapping them to leave you alone!


The fly net trap lures in flies to feed on the bait & then as the fly enters, the inside of the trap, the fly will not be able to figure out how to get back out of the trap.


Baiting flies is as easy as putting some expired food into the bait bowl or some old fish bait.

Flies love anything that is smelly and disgusting so the bait is not hard to come by.

We do have an at-home recipe for fly bait by mixing in 1 cracked egg, 5 packets of Splenda, and 1 small packet of yeast.

Set it directly in the sun and as the sun begins to warm the bait up the flies will flock to the bait.

Whatever you see the flies attracted to you can use as well (I know gross…..)


Product Info:

  • Material: Iron wire & Plastic
  • Cage diameter: 23cm / 9.05', high: 30 cm / 11.81''
  • Pot size: 16 x 16 x 5cm / 6.29 x 6.29 x 1.96''

Package Includes:
1* Outdoor Ranch Fly Trap 

Layout method:

  1. In the spring and autumn season, hang it in a sunny place where it can not be exposed to the sun in summer.
  2. Because flies are fond of stinking objects, it is suggested that bait should be selected for food such as fish intestines, rotten fruits, etc., as far as 20 centimeters away from the ground.
  3. This product is widely used in public places, such as parks, families, vegetable farms (farmers market), canteens, restaurants, slaughterhouses, farms, greening belts, food processing plants, toilets, garbage rooms (fields) and other public places and outdoor environments.
  4. This product is a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and safe for fly fishing apparatus. It is easy to operate, easy to understand, and high catch fly rate.
  5. Its principle is to use food bait to entice flies into the cage and enter the cage without food to die naturally.

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