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The Revolutionary Massaging Weighted Heating Pad Calming Heat

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The hot compress helps the heat to penetrate the muscles, providing targeted relief, and the constant heat of the heating pad relieves pain, joint and muscle pain. Provides soothing hyperthermia for the back, abdomen, buttocks and legs.


Type A 6 Level 120W 110-220V Electric Heating Pad
- Heat Therapy Increases Blood Flow
Heat therapy increases blood flow to the sore areas of your body causing muscles to relax and healing to happen faster.
- 6 Heat Settings
Customize your comfort with your choice of 6 heat settings and you can select to let the pad to run continuously or use the timer to tailor your heat setting for up to 2 hours. The unique meter shows you the readiness of your pad as it heats up.
- Heat Therapy for Muscle Stiffness
After a long, stressful day, it’s natural to experience stiffness around the neck and shoulders. If left untreated this tightness can cause tension build-up, muscle pain, and headaches.
- Relax Aching Muscles
Heat therapy can increase blood flow and relax tight, aching muscles. You will appreciate the soft fabric and easy to reach and use digital controls.
- Soothing Heat in 30 Seconds
The Heat Heating Pad technology helps provide soothing heat relief in 30 seconds for fast heat and fast relief. Feel the heat therapy work to help increase blood flow to sore areas for muscle relaxation and faster healing.

Model: TK-HP3016
Material: Flannel
Color: Gray
Temperature range:40-60℃
Timing adjustment: 30-120min
Size: 75 x 40cm/ 29.9 x 15.7in;60 x 30cm/ 23.6 x 11.8in
Voltage: 110/220V
Power: 120W
Automatically shut down in 2 hours to ensure safe use

Package Included:
1 x Extra Large Heating Pad with Controller
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Operation Manual


Type B 10 Level 120W 110-220V Electric Heating Pad
- Full Body Relief: Electric heating pad for pain relief, perfect for treating sore muscles in your back, neck, shoulders, abdomen, buttocks, legs, arms and so on.
- Skin-Friendly Fabric: Made of high-quality crystal velvet, ultra-soft fabric pad helps the heating wire spread heat more evenly, offers maximum comfort and warm for daily use. Also a best care for women's special periods.
- Fast Heating: The product has 10 adjustment levels and a fast heating function. The temperature range is from 30℃ to 70℃(86℉-158℉).
- Timer Function: It provides 3 timer auto shut off range from 45 to 120min, conserves energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating which is very safe and energy saving.
- Easy to Carry: Our heating pad can rolls up or use a pouch to storage, makes transport effortless, so that you can take the heat pad with you at work, at the gym, when you travel or go camping.
- A Warm Winter Gift: Beautiful and elegant, ideal for personal use and as a gift for family members or friends.

Product Name: Therapeutic Heating Pad
Material: Crystal Velvet
Color: Gray
Power: 120W
Voltage: AC110 / 220V
Temperature Range:30-70℃ ( 86-158℉)
3-Gear Timing Adjustment: 45-120min
Size: 75 x 40cm/ 29.9 x 15.7in

Package Included:
1 x Extra Large Heating Pad with Controller
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Operation Manual








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